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Free of charge should you choose to go ahead with the treatment.


Price List

Note: These are standard price and are subject to individual requirement and promotion. You will be made fully aware of the total cost following a consultation* 

Crows Feet£150
Brow Lift£100
Bunny Lines£100
(3 areas to choose) £350
(4 areas to choose above) £400
Jaw line/Masseter (Jaw slimming) £375
Gummy Smile £175
Teeth Grinding / Clenching £350
Calf reduction £500
Hyperhidrosis (sweating)  
Under Both Arms £450-£600
Palms of Both Hands £450-£600
Soles of Both Feet £450-£600
1 area£400
2 area£800
3 area£1000
4 area


Lip enhancement Russian Lips (depending of the filler) prices£250 to £350 1ml / £550 2ml
Nasal Labial Folds (Marionette Lines/Smiling lines/Nose to mouth lines)£375 / 2ml £700
Chin Enhancement £500 1ml / £700 2ml
Cheeks/Mid Face 1ml £500 -/ 2ml £700
Non surgical Nose Job (Rhinoplasty) Nose tip /reshape/undefined Nose


Glabellar Lines (Frown)£350
Tear Trough/Under Eyes/ Dark circles£550
Hands Fillers£600

Dissolving fillers (Hyaluronidase)

To reverse filler from another consultant£325
To reverse filler administered at YHF150 ( no consultation fee required)
Consultation£50 (Free of charge if you book your treatment with us)
Standard- PRP£399
Advance – RegenKit-BCT


Only Consultation£50 (Free of charge when you go ahead with the treatment)
Single treatment£200
Course of 4 Treatments in Face£600 (£150 each)
Course of 4 treatments Neck

£600 (£175 each)

Blood draw from£80
Blood centrifugal per tube


Treatment cost

350 (per session up to 4/5 veins injected)

Standard PRP “ vampire facial” £399 per treatment
A-PRP Cellular Matrix (PRP combined with Hyaluronic Acid) Micro-needling costs

£599 per treatment

Consultation£50 ( no chargeable if you decide to do the treatment with us)
Small area E.g: under eyes,Dark Circles, pigmentation, age spots , Dark Spots in the face…£200
Medium Area E.g: Full face ,Arms, Lower back…£250
Large area E.g: Full Scalp, Full Abdomen…


Photodynamic therapy Consultation £50
1 Treatment £250
4 Treatments £600
Skin Tags from£20
Solar Lentigo from£35
Age spots from£35
Millia from


Warts from£25-£35
Cherry Angioma from£20
Viral Verrucae from


Only Consultation£50 (Free of charge when you go ahead with the treatment)
1 Treatment
Course of 2 Treatments in Face
1 Treatment 
Course of 2 treatments Neck





Only ConsultationFrom£50 (Free of charge when you go ahead with the treatment)
Chin Fat Dissolve£350
Jaw Lines£350
Lower AbdomenFrom £450
Upper Abdomen

From £350

Upper/Lower Abdomen

From £800

Arms fat dissolveFrom £350
Armpit fat dissolveFrom £250
Bra strap Bulge fat dissolveFrom £300
Muffin Tops fat dissolveFrom £300
Under Buttock fat dissolveFrom £250
Hips fat dissolveFrom £500
Outer thighs fat dissolveFrom £300
Inner Thighs fat dissolveFrom £350
Knee fat dissolve From £250
Ankle fat dissolve From £250
Only Consultation£50 (Free of charge when you go ahead with the treatment)

B12 SINGLE Injection booster shot

B12 DOUBLE Injection booster shot



B12 Course of 4 SINGLE Injection booster shot£200
B12 Course of 4 DOUBLE Injections booster shot


1 vial HA Solution + 1 Vial Exosome

1 Session £800

2 Sessions bought together £650 each

3 Sessions bought together £550 each

4 Sessions bough together £500 each


1 vial HA Solution + 1 Vial Exosome

1 Session £800

2 Sessions bought together £650 each

3 Sessions bought together £550 each

4 Sessions bough together £500 each


Small area ( Chin , Jaws or any other similar size ) £120 per session Chin and Jaws together £200

Medium area ( Inner thighs or outer thighs, Chest (only man) or any other similar size  £250 per session 

Large area ( Upper abdomen or Lower abdomen or any other similar size ) £350 per session 



To discuss your treatment plans book in for a consultation but no obligation to do the treatment stating your main interest and please arrive ten minutes early so you feel relaxed.

Procedures Refunds

All treatments and procedures are carried out to the highest possible standard, however sometimes outcomes do not meet patients expectations and if you are not entirely happy with your treatment or procedure with us (it’s rare, but it can happen!)
as with any Non-Invasive surgical procedure, there is no guarantee to the outcome, and it is at the patient’s own risk that these procedures are undertaken. YourHealthFirst Clinic do not offer refunds on this basis.

The Complaints Procedure

We aim to exceeds our client’s expectations and provides first care service, customer service is our main, during and after treatment. If, for any reason, you are unhappy with your experience, we readily welcome your input in the interest of making improvements to our service, and will do our best to rectify them as soon as possible. 

Consultation Deposits

Bookings require a deposit of up to £50 at point of booking; this can also be paid over the phone. This deposit is entirely redeemable against the cost of treatment, should you choose to go ahead. Patients will be informed of this when booking your initial consultation.


The only exception to this policy is a serious or long term illness that contra-indicates the treatment, confirmed by a medical certificate.


Please give 24 hours’ notice if cancellations occur. Less than 24 hrs will incur a charge of 50% of your total treatment cost and will be added to your next appointment. No shows will be charged in full. This notice will allow us to accommodate clients on the waiting list.



If you are late for your appointment we will work as a team to make sure that all your needs are still taken care of but please understand sometimes this may not be possible. If we are unavoidably late for your appointment, we apologise as sometimes this is out of our control. We will make this up to you if this should ever cause you a problem & inconvenience


All major credit and debit cards are accepted.


Vouchers can be arranged and paid for and posted to you or the client. Vouchers are valid for 6 months only. When booking please state the voucher number, this will secure your booking. The same cancellation charges apply to voucher holders. A no show will prevent the voucher from being used again.

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