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PHLEBOTOMY (Blood Drawn ) & Centrifugal Servive

For your convenience, Yourhealthfirst Clinic offers a ‘walk-in’ service. However, advised to book an appointment as patients of our clinic are given priority. Waiting times during clinical hours can reach up to 45 minutes or more if appointment is not booked.

We offer our services to different labs like Functional DX – Regenerus Labs – Cyrex – Genova – ArminLabs –  between others.

Before booking your appointment please read in instructions about your postage inside your kit , as they are 3 options and depending of the laboratory you are using you will have to choose one of them;

1st Option – Post office (the nearest one from the clinic is less than 10 minute walk from the clinic)

2nd Option – UPS ( We have UPS dropping location just 5 minute from the clinic)

3rd Option – DHL (Once we have confirmed your appoint, we will advise you the time you can give to the currier to collect the sample from the clinic)


Putting a Spin on it: Why we Centrifuge

At YHF, we specifically work with venous blood draw that has been centrifuged to ensure the biomarkers are safeguarded and to maintain complete accuracy within our complex and comprehensive reports.

Centrifugation is a method of separating solids from liquids using rotational forces (spun). When blood is centrifuged the red cell portion and plasma is separated. Leaving the delicate biomarkers stable and intact, and suitable for transportation to the lab. Without centrifuging, many of the biomarkers become unstable and deteriorate over time, which can result in incorrect results. For this reason, we cannot offer finger prick testing for our larger sophisticated panels.

A centrifuge role in blood testing is to separate whole blood into its various components. Each component of blood has a specific use in the body and therefore, a different test may be required for each component. Blood can be centrifuged in a tube.
Blood is separated in blood tubes by its various components:

  •  Red Blood Cells (RBC), erythrocytes, carries oxygen from the lungs to the rest of the body.
  • White blood cells (WBC), or leucocytes, aid the immune system in fighting infections. There are five types of WBC: lymphocytes,
    monocytes, eosinophils, basophils, and neutrophils (granulocytes).
  • Plasma is a yellowish component in which the blood is normally suspended.
  • Plasma contains proteins, glucose, clotting factors, hormones, and carbon dioxide

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