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Lemon Bottle fat dissolving injections it’s a combination of vitamins and enzymes with high concentration of B2, known as Riboflavin and Bromelain, those ingredients increase and speed up the process of breaking the fat cells that break down the subcutaneous layer of the fat cell.Lemon Bottle is the non- surgical fastest and strongest treatment in the industry that targets the Body Fat and reduce it, its quick and convenient with effective results.

How does it work?

The lemon bottle fat dissolving injection is almost pain free with minimal swelling and minimal redness in the area.

When can you see results?

When the solution is injected into the fat cell, the fat cells start to break down immediately, you will notice the fat reduction within 24h . It can take 3-12 weeks for optimal results.

How many sessions are needed?

With one session up to 30% of fat cells is destroyed, however to maximize the results we can advise a further treatment or A combination treatment with a session of fat freeze contour and eliminate the frozen and dissolved fat cells out of the body, will achieve the most optimal results. We also recommend to 2 litres of water to eliminate the fat cells out of the body.

Benefits :

Be aware of Fake lemonBottle Products

We urge all our customers to be vigilant and to NOT purchase LEMONBOTTLE online and ONLY purchase from authorised clinics. Always check for the hidden tag to ensure that you have received a genuine product.

Areas that can be treated using lemon bottle:

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