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The last miracle
in aesthetic medicine

What is the photobiodynamic therapy?

It is a non-invasive technique with excellent results in the treatment of dark spots, redness, blemishes, wrinkles and photo-aging based on stimulation, regeneration and repair of the skin achieved with the combination of the Fotoage device and Skinox products.

Accessible, simple, painless and without side effects

Each session in the clinic consists of 4 simple phases and lasts only 45 minutes. It activates the stem cells of the tissues, being an effective therapy in the treatment of the skin, without pain and without the frightful bruises of after the treatment.





Dark Spots

Oxygen, light and photodynamic agents for the skin

The photobiodynamic therapy combines, in 4 phases, the HDD o High Density Diodes laser light of the Fotoage mask with the photosensitive and photodynamic products Skinox. The laser HDD of the mask activates Skinox products, that act on the skin, repairing and stimulating it.

LED light is applied on the skin

The photosensitive topical product is activated with light

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